At Incubation Masters, we understand that as a startup, one only has a business idea to carry on but may not have necessary support and knowledge to execute the business.

Business Incorporation

Coaching and Mentoring,



Business Incorporation, Legal and Compliance facet.

Our legal partners specialize in providing and entire suite of services for establishing any form of a business entity in any part of the world (all continents). To comply with Government and International regulations, standards, policies & Laws, our legal and compliance partner with vast experience, always ready to lend a helping hand.

Coaching and Mentoring, the mentoring facet.

We make our mentoring special with our unique startup camps, inspiring workshops, One-on-One mentoring, ongoing mentoring and training programmes and much more. Our mentors and partners also conduct special entrepreneurship courses and certificates.


Incubation Masters offer co-working spaces in various cities and countries with access to 100+ cutting edge multidisciplinary technical labs and supervisors.

Complete Software Solution, the technical facet.

Our technical partners let the business owners organize, process, and report on their financial, managerial, process information with ease so they can focus on their core business areas. The technical services include website development, ERP, Tax automation, Digital Marketing, Content Writing and much more. It also includes learning solutions which offer variety of online and offline courses including technical, non-technical and compliance courses for the entrepreneurs and their team.

Growth Hacking, the progress facet.

Orchestrating rapid growth isn't easy, therefore learning from stories of growth hackers & people who have made their startups take off, certainly helps. Our mentors constantly monitor and supervise the growth of young companies.

Business Networking, the contacts facet.

Your network gets you more contact, collaboration and of course, business. Purpose here is to help the startups connect with others, looking to collaborate for better growth. Our business partners provide a huge contact base for young startups so that they get everything they need without wasting anytime.

Entrepreneurship Graduation programs, the study facet.

Our mentors and coaches help prepare young entrepreneurs and students with the skills and knowledge to start a new business and to take the business forward.

Fund Raising, the money facet.

Our partners offer a syndicate platform for startups to raise funds through a global network of investors that consists of Ultra HNIs, VCs, Angel Investors and Serial Investors.


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